Emergency Response Preparedness

Many organizations, including government departments and agencies (federal, provincial, regional and municipal), utilities, and non-profit agencies have specific response functions to provide for public needs and services during and following emergency situations. These situations can range from minor events such as house fires to major disasters such as earthquakes and pandemics.

All organizations, large and small, that provide a public service should have current and effective emergency response plans in place to address emergencies and disasters. To ensure that any emergency response is effective, considerable pre-emergency works needs to be undertaken. Plans need to be documented. Facilities and resources must be identified and made available for response. Staff and/or volunteers need to be trained to respond in accordance with the adopted plans. Plans need to be exercised to confirm that the appropriate results will be achieved and that the prescribed procedures to achieve those results will work.

Skye Emergency Preparedness can assist with:

  • Identification of desired emergency response outcomes
  • Development of an appropriate organizational response structure
  • Identification of facilities and resources appropriate for response
  • Documentation of the response plan, including objectives, structure, resources, activation / response / wind-down procedures, internal and external communications, linkages with other organizations and management reporting
  • Training of responders
  • Response exercises to validate plans and assist with training
  • Reviews of plans