Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management is a structured process that identifies potential threats to the continuation of a business or to the achievement of key business objectives, defines strategies to minimize or eliminate these threats, and increases the overall resiliency of an organization given the occurrence of disruptive events. It is a critical component of an overall organizational risk management program.

Most organizations have a desire to continue operating successfully over the long term. However, many are unaware of impacts to their operations that, if they occur, could cause the organization to fail.

The implementation of a formal Business Continuity Management program will assist management to understand the issues that are critical to business survival and success, and provide assurances that the organization is well prepared to withstand significant business disruptions.

Skye Emergency Preparedness can assist with:

  • Understanding of the business aspects critical for survival and success
  • Identification of the business impacts of disruptions to these critical aspects
  • Identification and prioritization of the risks (i.e. likelihood of occurrence and severity of consequences) associated with these business impacts
  • Development and implementation of strategies to reduce or eliminate these risks
  • Development of effective response plans to minimize impacts after disruptive events occur
  • Training of staff to successfully implement business continuity actions
  • Design and facilitation of exercises to test and evaluate response plans
  • Integration of business continuity processes into normal management practices
  • Business continuity program reviews and reports to management